A complete guide to direct mail campaigns

A complete guide to direct mail campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns- Marketing full circle

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When it comes to direct mail campaigns, most organizations miss their overall goal. The number one problem with these types of campaigns is that companies don’t look at them the same way they do digital marketing campaigns. The same processes should be applied to each marketing effort. The only things that should be changed are the strategies that accomplish these campaign plans. Here is a complete guide to using your direct mailing campaign as a marketing tool.

Planning your marketing efforts

You should never start working from nothing when creating a marketing campaign. Planning is a crucial step in marketing because without this beginning strategy, there would be misdirection, and the campaign would not be guided. Coming up with a detailed method of marketing materials will surely point your organization in the right direction.

Identify your problem

What is the reason you want to create this campaign? This doesn’t have to be an altering statement; this is just to simply ask why this campaign is needed.

Set measurable goals

What does your organization expect to get out of this? What is a goal that would solve your problem? Can you measure these goals to see your outcome? Keeping these questions in mind in the beginning stages of the planning process will help you narrow down your marketing plans.

Do your research

Is this something your competitors are doing? Does your industry have any insights on how to best accomplish your direct mailers? Research is key to understanding how your business can operate. Whether you use this research to avoid certain tactics or to adopt them, you should see the work of others

Set up a timeline

Is this a project of urgency? How long will each step take? Your timeline should keep your team accountable, efficient, and organized. Marketing campaigns should always have a start and end date; this is the nature of a campaign.

Start your production phase

You are now ready to start the production process of your mailing materials!

Producing your materials

This step is the fun part, creating the elements that you’ll need for the campaign. Production is often the shortest process of the three major steps in your campaign. Now is the time for designing, approving, and printing your materials.

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Analyzing your direct mail campaigns

The final step in any campaign is measuring the results. This step is often overlooked when traditional marketing techniques, such as print marketing, are implemented. This is the most important step of the entire marketing process.

Without understanding how your campaigns have made an effect on your goal, what is the point of doing them?

There are so many successful routes that your company can take for marketing campaigns. They all follow these three main steps whether it be the digital or traditional path. Direct mail campaigns will continue to prevail through the digital age and can even set you apart from the average business.

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