Custom Online Storefronts

Our Customized Online Storefronts

Running a business can be stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating at times. Problems with inaccurate inventory levels, incorrect fulfillment, and schedules not being met, only add to your workload. Let us take that stress off your shoulders so you can get back to more areas you want to focus on, such as product development, sales, marketing, or customer service. 

custom colortech storefronts

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Colortech is more than just your fulfillment site, we act as an extension of your team. 

We provide special support services for those clients with larger runs and limited storage or with on-going distribution requirements. We are able to efficiently warehouse your materials in a quality-controlled environment and ship according to your requisition instructions. 

Our online inventory fulfillment and storefront systems offers many key features:

  • Real-time inventory tracking with customizable reports.
  • Logo branded front-end interface for your customers and staff to place orders for products out of inventory.
  • Approval capabilities so your administrators can authorize orders before they are sent for fulfillment.
  • Rush orders can be specified at the time of order.
  • User-friendly interface requiring little to no training.
  • Bulk screens to add and edit many products at once within your inventory.
  • Thumbnail image upload so you can see an exact picture of the product.
  • Administrative order management and adjustment.

Replenishment, tracking your inventory, managing custom distribution databases/fulfillment schedules, and material hand-assembly are additional capabilities that Colortech, Inc. can offer to our customers.