Mailing Calculator

Postage can be confusing, especially with the ever changing costs and regulations. As such, we’ve compliled mailing calculators to help you get started.

The below are USPS calculators from their website → and can help guide you in choosing the best campaign for your needs. All pricing and calculations are directly from USPS. While these calculators are very helpful in starting your campaign, items such as non-profit status, mail list parameters, and quantity breaks are not always reflected in these calculators so it’s best to give us a call or email our mailing department for an accurate quote. We can also guide you in where to start if these calculators don’t have everything you’re looking for.

Colortech is happy to help you plan you next mailing job and you can contact us at for assistance.

Postcard Calculator

Business Letter Price Calculator

Retail Postage Price Calculator

*All calculators on this page are generated straight from the USPS website. These are not official estimates and should not be used as such. Please contact for a formal estimate or questions.

You can find a complete price list by USPS here →