We'll do the hard-work for you.

Let Blue Cardinal Group take some weight off your shoulders.

Blue Cardinal Group has been helping both local and national organizations with their marketing needs for over 10 years. We believe that every organization is different and that no one approach will work across the board. However, Blue Cardinal Group has a 4-step process that we use for every campaign no matter how big or small it is. We believe that without these 4-steps, no goals can be met.

Step 1. Exploration. We truly take the time to understand your company, industry, and your competitors because we believe this is the foundation of a great campaign.  We want to convey a message that represents your organization to the best of our abilities. All of this can't be done without research.

Step 2. Invent. Once we establish who we are talking for and talking to, we get to create materials for you. Whether they are social media posts or mailers, our team will work closely with our graphic design team to create a message that is on brand for your organization. We can create materials that are designed specifically for the digital realm or the more traditional marketing methods such as TV, newspaper, printed materials etc. or do a combination of the two worlds. Blue Cardinal Group will work one-on-one with you to ensure you as happy with your strategies.

Step 3. Implement. When everything is created, we will actually implement your campaign. This is the fun part is seeing all the hard work put into action. We like to think of it as a bird leaving its nest. Once the bird has left the nest, we will continue to monitor the success of the campaign. We will keep you in the loop with what is happening throughout the implementation stage.

Step 4. Scrutinize. After all is said and done, we will take the time to scrutinize every aspect of the campaign. We will take a look at what worked and what didn't. This is the most important step in our 4 step process. It is absolutely necessary to know where the successes and failures were. We will share with you a detailed analysis of the entire campaign. With the advances in digital marketing, the analysis is much deeper than in traditional marketing.

Our 4 Step Marketing Process

Marketing Services Offered:

Content Marketing

Our content marketing consists of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will attract and retain your target audience. We can create social media posts, blogs, website copy, and anything else you need to be distributed.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services include email, PPC campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social media marketing. Digital Marketing is changing rapidly and our team at Blue Cardinal Group keeps up with the latest industry trends and news.

Traditional Marketing

Through Traditional Marketing, we can create materials that will land right in your target audience's hands. We can create flyers, direct mailers, posters, billboards, TV, radio ads and anything else printed to ensure your message gets to your customers.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is a great way to reach your target audience through a variety of methods. Integrated Marketing takes traditional media (print, TV, and billboard) and blends it with the more modern digital marketing. It is a best of both worlds scenario.