Creative Services

Bringing your ideas to full color.

We've been using our creative talents to enhance printing and fulfillment jobs for years. Moreover, we now have a dedicated team to assist you with all of your business's innovative assets as our new creative services division. Subsequently, our creative strategy is results-driven - don't worry, we'll prove it. 

Our passion is listening to clients' ideas, creating a thoughtfully organized plan, and producing those creative solutions. For instance, we know our core strengths, stick to our guns, and continue to perfect our craft through the development of countless projects. Most importantly, we stay focused.

What are our Creative Services?

Creative marketing is the process of boosting and often selling goods and/or services using creative talent. In our business, this talent stems from technology, art, and design. In addition, our team has a strong background in graphic design, digital communications, copywriting, and analytics. To summarize, when those elements are combined, it is an unstoppable combination for success


From targeted campaigns to overall brand awareness, we have the skills to market your business and services.


Branding, brochures, logos, and anything that needs some artistic flare!

Web Design

WordPress is our system of choice. However, if you have something else in mind, we would love to learn more!

Analytics & Analysis

Frequently, projects need refining, and we know how and when to take a project to the next level.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs... in general, if it's social, we've done it!


Photo, video, drone and more!

Meet the Team Behind Our Innovative Creative Services

Samantha Hallman | Art Director

Samantha started as our graphic designer in 2013 and moved up to Art Director shortly after. She graduated from Lebanon Valley College with dual degrees in Digital Communications and Art & Art History and now has years of experience in the print & design industry.

Samantha enjoys traveling often and finding new adventures as well as cozying up at home and working on projects around her house.

Shaylea Rhoads | Lead Photographer & Studio Coordinator

Shaylea (Shay for short) graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and comes to us with years of photography experience. She started as an intern, and we just couldn't let her go! After a few short months, she graduated and started working with us full time.

In her spare time, you can find Shay refinishing furniture and crafting DIY projects with her spunky German shepherd puppy, Nakita.

Michaela May | Graphic & Media Designer

Michaela graduated from Lebanon Valley College with dual degrees in Digital Communications and English. As a result of her professional experience with Colortech, it has confirmed her love of design, copywriting and editing.

Michaela enjoys drawing, reading, and finding new animated shows to watch. At the present time, she prefers to spend downtime with her cats in the comfort of her own home.