Color Mode

Color Mode

Color is important to printing, right? Yes it is! To ensure your project is produced the best it can be, please check your color settings prior to submitting your work.

4-Color Artwork
Most color artwork is going to be in 4-Color, also called “Process Colors”. The 4 colors stand for; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and K Black (Black is referred to as “K”). These jobs use pleasing colors that do not require a specific spot color (PMS Color).

If you do not convert your files and images to 4-Color/CMYK, our process will convert the colors for you. This process can be tricky and if your brand is color-conscious, you may get unwanted results.

PMS Color
A PMS color is sometimes used to ensure cohesive color throughout pieces and mediums. These are also called “Spot Colors” because they are a solid color, not made up for the 4 other process colors. Jobs using 1 or more PMS colors often cost more and are for brands strict on their color brand guidelines.

Greyscale is a solid black that is used to create a variety of tones. Even if the rest of your document is in 4-Color, you want all images that are black to maintain greyscale so you don’t see fragments of color around the black-only image.


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March 14, 2019

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