Top Print Marketing Trends 2020

Top Print Marketing Trends 2020

No one imagined 2020 would go as it has. With this, companies have had to adapt. During this adaption, print marketing trends of 2020 have risen to the top. Below are the top 3 that we’ve seen so far.

  1. Stay personable and highlight customer stories. By adding customer success stories to your print marketing materials, you provide your prospects with real-life examples of your work. These can usually bring a smile to their face, and the happier someone is while looking at your materials, the more likely they are to associate that joy with you and your brand.
  2. Personalize content. Direct mail marketing is most effective when personalized. This can be using images, text and other items with variable data. Most think this is much more expensive and time-consuming. In reality, it is all set up in an Excel sheet that pulls these images, text, etc. into the document in specified places. If you have the Excel sheet set up properly, it’s not much more additional time or effort. We will happily provide an Excel template to our printing clients.
  3. Stand out with texture and paper stocks. Choosing a stock different from your competitors sets you apart and makes a lasting impact. If your piece looks like everyone else’s, you’ll get fewer views, but if you can see and feel something new, you’ll get more views. We have samples that can be mailed to you to take a hands-on approach when choosing your paper.
    1. We are seeing a rise in synthetic and disposable menus. Take-out is now prominent, and so are disposable menus in take-out bags. Synthetic menus allow restaurants to keep cleaner surfaces as they last much longer than paper and plastic-coated menus.

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May 29, 2020

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