Professional Photos and Videos

Professional Photos and Videos

Having professional photos and videos taken of your business is a surefire way to bring customers to your business. It’s an easy way for them to engage with you and view you more genuinely. They will be able to see that you are a legitimate business that cares about investing in how they appear to the public. Communication is key, and indicating that you want to form a connection through your photos is a great way of gaining trust before you and your client have met!

Here are a few reasons your business should invest in professional photography and video services.

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Grab Your Customers’ Attention

Whether we like it or not, first impressions make a difference. Possibly without even realizing it, your company may only use obvious stock imagery or low-quality, unedited photos. This gives off the impression that you don’t care how your final products look. Think about what makes your services appealing and what makes you stand out. Customers want to get to know YOU and YOUR brand. Because of that, why would you only use photos that aren’t unique to you? Establish your brand identity by having personal photos and videos taken that emphasize your company’s mission and values.

While stock images absolutely have their value, customers do not always view your business as authentic if these are all you use. If anything, they will give people a false sense of what you offer, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Having images and videos of your actual business, employees, and products will be perceived much more highly.

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High-Quality Images are Perceived Better by Customers

Speaking of being perceived in a better light, there is quite a difference between low-quality and high-quality work. Sure, cell phones are much better at capturing images than they used to be. However, it’s no secret that professional camera work can still give you so much more than something shot on your cell phone.

Professional photos and videos taken with a good camera will stand the test of time. They will also indicate that you put thought into how your business conveys information. Customers appreciate honesty and value strong communication. These values are essential when maintaining customers; trust is a major component in why people choose a business to work with.

This is also a great way for customers to see what your business is like personality-wise, whether it is more serious or fun, corporate or whimsical. No matter what, your level of professionalism will shine through.

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Your Business Will Stand Out

When you have professional photos and videos taken, you automatically give off a trustworthy feel. Real photos you have taken show your customers exactly what you have to offer rather than you just telling them. It’s incredibly common for companies to find stock photos that illustrate what their business does. After all, this is usually cheaper (or even free) as opposed to paying a professional photographer or videographer.

However, while stock photos certainly have their purpose, you don’t want to use the same images everyone else does. What differentiates you from everyone else at that point, and why should someone not also look at a competitor?

Give people a reason to look at you first. As we discussed before, people like to get a full picture of who and what they are dealing with. They’ll do extensive research before taking the plunge on a purchase or deciding which company to work with. After all, this is why customer reviews have become so influential in a product’s buying power. So why should it be any different for how a company markets its services?

Have your team be photographed for your promotional materials. You can also have them speak to the camera in a short video for your front webpage. This will indicate that 1) You have a real business with real people, and 2) You have a business that is not afraid to put itself out there and to be confident in its skills and abilities.

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Great for Marketing Purposes

Use your photos and videos across your company’s social media, promotional materials, blog posts, email marketing, and anything else you can think of that shows off your services. Unique images are also great for SEO purposes. By having these images only on your website and no other, it will drive more people to your website when they are browsing on search platforms or social media. The more original images you have, the better experience you’ll create for your user. From there, the higher you’ll rank in search results.

View our “Photography & Video” page to learn more about our capabilities. You can also view our sister company, Blue Cardinal Photography, for more extensive options we offer.

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July 7, 2023

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