Print in 2021 Marketing Trends

Print in 2021 Marketing Trends

What does 2021 hold?

As you may have guessed, we can’t predict all of what 2021 has in store for us (especially if it’s anything like 2020!), but we can tell you some of the upcoming marketing and advertising trends for 2021 to help you make the most of your 2021 marketing plans and budget.


1. User Generated Content. This content is one of the most authentic forms of digital word-of-mouth marketing available to companies of all sizes. This content makes users more secure in their loyalty to your brand and company while supporting your business by actively promoting you at the same time.
2. Branded Content. This is an approximate opposite to the above. It’s content that has been specifically created with your brand vision in mind to deliver high-quality materials such as ads, videos, social media and more. This type of content is often made in-house.
3. Social Commerce. Social media is one of the biggest more influential aspects of buying and interactive decision making. Placing your catalogs, ads, etc. on these platforms will elevate your brand and trust by reaching your customers where they’re at without pursuing them individually one-on-one. Give your social media and digital platforms some love and transform them into the best social commerce opportunities for your business – often at little or no cost.

PRINTING in 2021

Print media will be holding its ground for 2021. This type of media separates you from the crowd. With the sheer volume of information given to customers at the digital level, print materials will set you apart. Your pieces will be seen more as they’re not ignored or deleted as we so often do in the digital world.
Print advertising also provides a broader customer experience – this allows for a deeper level of engagement than that of digital materials. Printed pieces can be taken with you and are tangible where digital formats are fleeting. For example, if a potential customer has a brochure in their hand they can see the beauty and color of the ad, but they can also feel the texture and smell the ink, experiencing something that’s separated from the digital realm.

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