Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Graphic Design Trends for 2021

With 2021 allowing for a fresh start for many of us, this applies to much of the media that we consume as well. The longer we have adjusted to a new way of living, the longer we have had to brainstorm and think outside of the box in terms of creative design. Graphic design trends are always developing with the times, and this year will certainly be no different.

We are constantly seeking new ways of expressing ourselves and wanting to learn more about ourselves as well. Creative design does not come to a standstill, allowing it to continuously evolve.

Here are some predictions on what trends we may see for graphic design in 2021 based on our current environment and what the year may bring us.

Simple and Minimal Content

Due to the complexity of what life has become around us and how unpredictable each day is, people are searching for an escape towards the media they consume. With that, designers may want to go with more simple and minimal content that is easy on the eyes. This can include more muted colors, geometric shapes, and fonts that are easier to read.


On the other hand, time in quarantine has allowed people to reflect on the past and to return to some of their old favorites, whether it’s by watching an old favorite TV show or movie or if they’ve started playing an older video game again. Designers may decide to take advantage of this time of nostalgia and have their designs express inspiration from a prior decade. Old-school retro fonts and grainy effects can bring people back to what they perceive as a simpler time. Choices in color are also important in this case; bright and earthy tones remind those of the 1960s while loud and vibrant colors demonstrate the popular culture of the 1980s.

Influential Messages

Continuing on the overall theme of reflection, people took 2020 to celebrate their values and demonstrate them to the people around them. Whichever way one chose to defend their rights or to speak out for what they believe in, there is no doubt of the impact this year had on works of design. Many more designers are choosing to bring more influential messages into their work whether it is overt or requires more introspection, and we can expect to see more of this going into this year.

More with Video and Animation

Finally, designers are looking for far less restriction and are looking to expand their horizons with the media they are creating, and working with video and animation programs will allow them to take their work to the next level. Seeing specific elements move across a screen will make work stand out in a sea of still images and bring more interest. In a time where many of us are looking at screens most of the day, it can be a refreshing change to see some movement.

While graphic design will always continue to grow and develop with introductions of new software and the emergence of young talent, 2021 is likely to bring about a new wave of trends that more and more designers may want to aspire towards.

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