Christmas Cards in the Digital Age

Christmas Cards in the Digital Age

Holiday and Christmas cards are a fantastic way to end the year. They show others that you appreciate them and are thinking of them. While we print custom holiday cards via On Demand Print, we also want to showcase some of the other possibilities you can take. We will be happy to help you develop your own Christmas card campaign or anything else you can think of!

For our final post of the year, we will cover two very different digital Christmas card campaigns from 2020. Secondly, we will describe why sending corporate Christmas cards is a great way to connect with your clients and also how the current digital age has changed Christmas cards as we know them.

The Kado Project

Pocko Social is a company that defines itself as “dedicated to using creativity for change.” Likewise, they actively hire artists to create campaigns that bring awareness to social issues and support charities, foundations, and institutions.

In 2020, the Berlin and London-based company partnered with Tokyo-based Monopo, which defines itself as “a community-based creative agency.” In this collaboration called The Kado Project, the two companies worked together to hire 13 artists to create 13 different digital Christmas cards. Each of the artists chose a different charity to represent in their individual works. Additionally, when someone donates to the charity of choice, they can download the respective Christmas card.

The Kado Project website states, “Let’s rethink what a ‘normal’ Christmas can (and should) be. To help give the gift of a better future, Pocko Social have paired artists with charities, with each artist creating a unique digital Christmas Card to celebrate their linked cause. This is a campaign designed to encourage a non-materialistic approach to the gifting season, where online shopping has engorged the public’s desire to spend money on products we don’t need.”

This campaign goes to show just how much the digital age has changed the landscape of Christmas cards. By thinking outside of the box, the companies showcased 13 charities and supported 13 artists. The whole thing cost very little to Pocko Social and Monopo with many benefits for all involved. As of December 2021, each e-artwork can still be gifted with a donation to its respective charity on The Kado Project website.

Here is one of the works by Till Lauer in support of St. Mungo’s, a charity that helps prevent homelessness in London and the South of England.

Artwork by Till Lauer in support of St. Mungo's
Artwork by Till Lauer in support of St. Mungo’s

Given’s Guide to Better Giving

Whether it was due to COVID restrictions or if they simply wanted to take a newer route, many companies chose to either create digital Christmas cards or do something even further out of the box. London-based agency Given, deeming themselves “the brand purpose agency,” did the latter.

In their “Guide to Better Giving,” accessible online, they offer their clients and any other website visitors “ideas for gifts that mean more and cost the earth less.” In the guide, visitors choose from types of products such as “Ethical Products” or “Homemade.” After picking a category from within this type of product such as “give homemade yumminess” or “give fiery condiments,” Better Giving will provide a gift idea relating to the topic you choose.

Furthermore, they will allow you to purchase the suggested item, download templates, link you to a tutorial, and more.

Here is a screenshot of what the website looks like after you select your gift categories.

Screenshot of Given's Guide to Better Giving
Given’s Guide to Better Giving

This was not a traditional holiday card approach. One may argue that it is not a card at all. However, Given still expressed the true importance of why a company should either send Christmas cards or take part in a campaign. This was a great way for Given to create connections with their clients. In addition, this website is incredibly useful for those who are not clients. It may spark further interest in the company behind it all and spread its business around the world.

How has the digital age changed Christmas cards?

The digital age has truly changed Christmas and holiday cards as we know them. However, as these campaigns indicate, it is still important for companies to express their thanks. They may donate to charity or connect with their clients on a more personal level. Companies may print the cards or keep them digital. No matter what, contributing to the joy and festivities of the holiday season is a great thing for a company to do.

It is a bit late to get started on a campaign for the 2021 holiday season. Despite that, it is never too early to plan ahead for next year! Contact our creative department if you are interested in working on your own project or campaign.

Colortech would like to thank everyone for supporting us throughout this year. We can’t wait to see your creativity shine through next year, and we look forward to working with you again!

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