3 Essentials for Any Successful Trade Show Booth

3 Essentials for Any Successful Trade Show Booth

Whether you're the one representing your company at your booth or doing behind the scenes work, trade shows are stressful for everyone involved. Trade shows are a great way to meet your future clients or catch up with your current partners but not all companies will see the same level of success. The key is to create an environment people will want to stop by and learn more about your products or services.

But no matter what size booth or budget you're working with, there are 3 items that you will see at every booth. All of these essential items are printed marketing materials that will help your company stand out to those attending the event.


Signage is the most imporant printed marketing material you can get for your trade show booth. Now what signage are we talking about exactly? There are a couple of key items we recommend to any of our clients who are attending conferences and trade shows.

The first signage we recommend is to get a standing or retractable banner. These banners are a great way to attract foot traffic. We recommend getting two banners for each event you attend. One generic banner you can use all the time and the second banner containing an offer or sale specific to the event.

Trade Show Banners

Alongside standing or retractable banners, your trade show booth will need other signage such as traditional posters, flyers and table runners.

The posters and flyers can be various sizes to help you gain leads. You can stuff your swag bags with a postcard sized offer or have a huge 5' x 7' wall poster behind your booth.

Business Cards

Using business cards in a trade show is absolutely essential which is why it is on our list. We can guarantee business cards are flying around the event you are attending. At trade shows, business cards act almost like currency.

We recommend bringing an excessive amount of cards with you. With everybody bringing business cards with them, it is important to talk with your graphic designer and printer to get make sure your cards stand out.

The details that go onto your card really do count. We recommend adding value to your card, whether that is in the form of a QR code linking to your most popular blog or including a mini schedule of events. If you really want your card to stand out from the rest, ask your printer to use a die cut.


Sure everybody can get business cards and posters printed but where companies really stand out is with their swag. Everybody loves free stuff and people attending trade shows try to collect as much as they possibly can. The key to making sure your swag works in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, is to giveaway useful items.

However, swag to give out can get awfully expensive. Most small businesses don't have the resources to give out iPads to people who fill out a form. For every client who attends a trade show and doens't know what to give out, we almost always say pens, stickers, and labels.

If you can only afford to give out one of these items, we recommend pens. According to 2016 study by Advertising Speciality Institute, 50% of U.S. consumers own promotional writing instruments. We would be willing to bet on your workdesk you have at least one pen that you can from a company.

The reason we recommend both stickers and labels is they are both versatile. We often print labels for our clients going to trade shows so they can wrap water bottles or food with their company logo. We think this is a ingenius way to get the most out of printed marketing swag.

Promotional Pens

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July 29, 2019

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