Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Example

Our Social Media Marketing services help grow your business and expand your audience.

Increase Brand Awareness

Growing your social media accounts will bring forth new customers. Your business will be seen by many new people through shares, retweets, and stories. Our services will bring new eyes to your business through the creation of content that is relevant to your audience.

Build Customer Relationships

The content we create is sure to have your audience engaging with it. When your audience is engaging with your social media posts, you are creating brand loyalty and increasing word of mouth. Your accounts can also act as another member of your customer service team. You can respond to customers almost immediately and get results quickly.

Expand Your Website Traffic

By leveraging social media as an expansion of your company, your online audience is likely to visit your website. When your website traffic increases, you can convert your audience into new leads or customers.

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Our Social Media Process

Proven Results through Analytics

Much like the world of social media, our process is constantly evolving to fit your needs. We here at Colortech Creative Solutions know that your accounts are unique to your company. Each organization has different needs and we will work with you to ensure you are getting the most of out of your accounts.

Your company's story, products, message, and services are unique to you. We will spend time researching, listening, and learning as much as we can about your company to create a  plan that will work for you.

Blue Cardinal Group will work through these steps to ensure you are as happy as a lark with your social media accounts.


Our team will start off with a comprehensive review of your current social media accounts.

Research Competitors

Next,  we will find out what your closest competitors are doing and perform a SWOT analysis based off of our findings.

Create Strategies

Then, we will create key strategies that will work for you based on your needs and our competitive review. We will help you find out which platforms you need to be on and which ones you don't need to be.

Content Creation

Next comes our favourite part, creating the posts. Our team will create custom content that suits your target audience to increase user engagement.

Social Listening

We will monitor what your customers and clients are saying about your brand online.

Monthly Analytics

When the month is done, we will present to you what our team did for the month on all your platforms. This tells us what we are doing right and what we can approve upon.

Evolving Strategies

Social media platforms are constantly changing and so must your strategies. We will keep up with industry trends and news to ensure your content stays relevant to our audience.


Finally, we will keep doing what works best for you and stop what isn't working.