Traditional Marketing – Conventional Methods. Extraordinary Results.

Conventional Methods. Extraordinary Results.

The term traditional marketing has not always been around. It was just called marketing. Nowadays with the changing landscape of marketing, there are a ton of subgenres including digital, inbound, guerrilla, and the list goes on and on. There is a reason that print, broadcast, and direct mail are still a fundamental part of marketing.
You can reach a wide variety of new customers while at the same time talk to your target audience for a generally low cost. Traditional marketing rests its success on the 4 P's of marketing; promotion, place, price, and product. Without these 4 elements in a traditional marketing campaign, it will fall apart.
The whole goal of traditional marketing is to raise awareness, interest, desire and finally get the customer to try a product or service. We here at Blue Cardinal Group understand that all products and services must fulfill a need a customer has. A great way to expose your message to a prospective customer is to utilize a mixture of all of the traditional marketing methods.

3 Main Methods of Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Print Campaign Example

Print Marketing

Print marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience for a lower cost to you.  In order for you to get maximum efficiency in your printed marketing campaign, we know there are certain steps to take along the way. Blue Cardinal Group will come up with a clear and concise message for your customers to perform a certain action. Whether you want to drive store traffic, promote a new product or increase sales through a coupon, print marketing is your answer.

Print marketing channels:

 • Newspapers
• Magazines and other local publications
• Flyers, posters, brochures

Broadcast Marketing

Broadcasting marketing, both TV and radio, are still one of the most successful areas of marketing. They are one of the easiest ways to spread your message to a wide variety of people and can be easily tracked. Blue Cardinal Group can craft your broadcast marketing strategy for you. We can write your radio ad for you and even create a storyboard for your TV ad.

Broadcast marketing channels:

 • TV advertisements
• Radio and podcast advertisements
Traditional Marketing Broadcast Campaign Example
Traditional Marketing Direct Campaign Example

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is connecting with your target audience directly.  Forgot about the middleman, and give your promotion right to your customer. This can be done through a variety of methods both through print and digital methods. Let us develop your direct marketing campaign to make making a sale even easier. We will come up with a few different strategies that will work for your business so you can connect with your customers directly and leave a lasting impression.

Direct Marketing Channels:

 • Direct mail campaigns
• Flyers and handouts
• Email marketing
• Coupon ads


Get Extraordinary Results Through Traditional Marketing

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