Advertising with Local Schools

We take great pride in our local sports programs and the joy they bring the community, schools, and parents. We ask local businesses to advertise in the programs, and the income from those ads goes towards being able to produce the ads free of charge* to the schools in which we take photographs. Our process is: Gain advertisers - Blue Cardinal Photography takes photos of athletes - design team develops programs - we print and distribute to schools & advertisers!

Every school/league we take photos for either gets their choice of programs free from us or smaller teams sometimes get a portion donated back to the team. Some of the money is also donated to schools in the form of: Equipment, scoreboards, jerseys, fundraisers, and much more!

How does my advertisement benefit my business? Keep reading!...

We appreciate your advertising and supporting our local athletes. We have several full circle solutions to capture your customers' attention, including...

Over 9,000 programs were distributed to schools and clubs during the course of the 2018-2019 season.


Each season we'll give you programs and an analytics report showing all your viewing stats.

LED Billboard on S. 9th Street

On average over 6,000 people drive past 9th street everyday to see your 9' x 4.5' ad.

One-On-One Support

We'll be in touch all season to make sure you are happy with your creative. We want them to be their best so you can even change things up every season.

Social Media Shout Outs

Gain interactions and shout-outs on our active social media pages geared towards your consumers, creating more value.


You'll get a personalized section on our Blue Cardinal Photography website. Larger ads will receive prime space on the top part of the website, which has received 3,500,000+ page views.

Sports Program Advertising Examples

*unless they choose to add on features such as their own funded ads, which go towards the team(s)